Ingredient Storage Equipment

Rotary moulded polyethylene Ingredient storage equipment including tubs, bins & scoops

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Ingredient Storage Equipment

James and Fallon selection of food grade polypropylene ingredient storage equipment. Table top ingredient dispensers from 8 litres to 40 litres, each with clear flip lid. Plastic mobile ingredient bins also come with clear flip lids and a range of sizes including 65, 90 & 150 litres capacity, each in a choice of colours ideal for product colour coding, labeling facility is also available. Made by rotary moulding process there strong and smooth surface is reliable and easy to clean, well suited for all food storage applications. In addition plastic ingredient scoops & jugs are available in a range of sizes and colours to match.

Ingredient storage equipment products are extensively used in many industries including, Food outlets, bakeries, food manufacturers and processing. Table top dispensers are also ideal for storing small electrical components, fixings, nut and bolts in many other industries.


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