Sundry Equipment

Scoops, Scrapers, Buckets, Stirrers, Paddles, Shovels, Brushes.

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Sundry Equipment

A selection of sundry equipment to compliment our full range of products by James and Fallon designed for use in a multitude of applications in many industries.

Plastic scoops, jugs, stirrers, scrapers, paddles & shovels made from one piece construction designed to provide maximum strength and avoid any germ traps making them ideal for hygiene control. Many of the hygiene products can be supplied from the anti-bacterial range, using specially formulated material containing an additive that inhibits bacteria build up on the product.

Mixing paddles, plastic shovels, scrapers, mops, squeegees and brushes come as a two piece products also with changeable heads, poles, handles, etc. These hygiene plastic products made from polypropylene and are easy to clean, rust and rot proof, tough, durable, non-stick, lightweight and easy to handle. A wide selection of sizes and colours are available.

These products are commonly used not only in the food industry but also many other industries including, engineering, electrical, farming, equestrian, zoological and animal parks.


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