A selection plastic pallets for heavy and medium duty use, crevice free hygienic and lightweight nesting

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Plastic pallets have now been around for many years as a safer and hygienic replacement to traditional wooden pallets. In most industries they are now considered the only acceptable pallets to meat heath and safety regulations. At James and Fallon we can advise and supply you with the best plastic pallets for any weight loading requirements you have, lightweight nesting pallets for the lighter loads, medium density, or high density heavy duty pallets for the heavy loading applications. 

All our plastic pallets are designed to be used with forklift or pallet truck for easy movement around the workplace; some models come with pallet feet, others with runners for use on pallet racking. Open deck or perforated deck pallets are a good all round pallet for a large number of applications. Solid crevice free hygienic pallets are the reliable solution for high care food storage applications, being strong, durable and very easy to clean. Many industries including general warehousing, engineering, electronics, chemical, farming, food manufacturing, hospital, retail, recycling and waste management, have found plastic pallets to be invaluable to their business.


If you don’t see the right pallet for your application, please contact us for further help.


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