Plastic Shelving and Racking

Modular plastic storage system including; Plastic Shelving, Trolleys, Preparation Tables, Dunnage & Platform Racks.

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Plastic Shelving & Racking

This plastic storage system is the ideal solution to all your product storage needs. Plastic modular shelving can be made to fit any size room. Shelving can be made mobile if required, or if you only need to raise goods off the floor, then we can supply you with our plastic heavy duty Dunnage racks. Trolleys will hold most container trays on individual rails for easy and safe movement, with access to each container.

These products are reliable, made from all plastic food grade PVC, they not rust, splinter and are easy to clean. Many industries have found they last many times longer than other types of shelving systems. Static shelving will carry 200kg per metre shelf loading. If you have a special application James and Fallon can advise you on what products will be best suited and we can make special racks for the more complicated storage areas.

James and Fallon plastic shelving & racking is used within Industries such as, food outlets, supermarkets, bakery, butchery and meat manufacturing, food processing, schools, hospitals, retail and pharmaceuticals.


We will be happy to help advise you on our products if you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us.

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