Stack-Nest Containers

A range of space saving 180° stacking and nesting containers, boxes, bale arm stack-nest and produce trays

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Stack-Nest Containers

Stack nest containers, trays and boxes are ideal ideally designed for space saving when not in use. As the name suggests 180° stack nest containers will stack securely in one direction, when turned 180° will then nest inside one another, saving valuable space. Some models are in a bi-colour to help identify quickly the direction for sacking or nesting.

Bale Arm models stack securely on their bale arms or swing bars and nest when the arms are folded back, the containers do not need to be turned to stack or nest. Some models are designed to stack at duel heights, allowing more flexible use.  These type of trays and extensively used within large industries such as supermarkets, food manufacturing, retail, textile and medical many more.

James and Fallon can supply you with any quantity large or small; they are available in solid or perforated designs and in a range of sizes and colours. We can also supply you with an appropriate wheeled dolley to suit any size container.


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