Bakery Equipment

A range of bread baskets, bakery and confectionery trays.

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Bakery Equipment

James and Fallon bring to you a range of bakery equipment to fulfill all your requirements. Confectionery trays 30” x 18” (762 x 457mm) in a variety of depths, all in either solid or perforated styles, all stack securely and have a compatible wheeled dolley to ease movement around the workplace.

Bread baskets are available in 10, 12 and 15 loaf sizes; they stack securely and nest when not in use to save space. They have ventilated holes for good air circulation and are made from food grade polypropylene. Any of these trays can be used as general distribution trays in many different industries.

Ingredient storage tubs come in a choice of different sizes and colours from 8 litres to 67 litres storing capacity. Table top, inter-stacking and mobile models can all be supplied from James and Fallon.


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