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Plastic Storage System

James and Fallon work in partnership with REA Plasrack UK distributor for the REA Plastic Storage System. This Innovative modular plastic storage system offers an extensive range of products including shelving, trolleys and single level floor platforms. These creative products are designed to maximize storage solutions in a variety of industry applications. We at James and Fallon pride ourselves in understanding our customer’s problems, we take time to explain these products and how they will best suit customers’ needs and most importantly, your budget. Many industries continue to demand a high level of hygienic storage solutions for products, the REA system is proven reliable and to last for an exceptional length of time.


The high-quality plastic material used in REA products is suitable for food contact and any area where hygiene is paramount. REA plastic storage system products are light-weight, yet extremely strong and durable, easy to clean so very little maintenance is necessary. They are resistant to salts, acids and chemical additives.

Many standard sizes are available, however one of the benefits of choosing a REA product is the flexibility to produce non-standard bespoke, made to measure sizes and designs.

They can withstand temperature ranges of between -40°C to +80°C therefore, suitable for both ambient and cold storage facilities. The original characteristic ‘duck egg blue’ colour tubing with red or grey end caps, provide a recognizable link to this unique brand.


Euro Shelving

Euro shelving is best suited in areas that demand a high level of hygiene assurance. Its modular flexibility allows you to maximize the space available as it can be adapted to suit any size room. They are constructed from high impact plastic, remarkable strong, very stable and designed to last for many years. Standard sizes are available from stock, custom made units can be produced quickly.


A single length of shelving and be produced from 400mm up to 4000mm, with support posts positioned accordingly, Shelf depth are from 300mm up to 1000mm in 100mm increments, with 50mm gaps between shelf rails. Floor clearance starts at 120mm, however most commonly 200mm is preferred for better cleaning access. Higher clearance is also available on request. The standard space between shelves starts at 250mm, working in 50mm increments up to 500mm. Larger or special shelf spaces are also possible.

The load bearing capacity of Euro shelving is 200kg per meter shelf.

Temperature resistance is from -40°C to +80°C

Euro shelving is supplied flat-packed and one person with no tools or special skills can easily assemble a rack in minutes. Assembly and cleaning instructions are supplied with each rack.

Standard shelf sizes are:
Length/width: 1000mm,  1200mm, 1500mm,   1800mm, 2000mm

Depths: 400mm, 500mm, 600mm

All available from 1 shelf level up to 6 shelf levels, overall safe working heights should be maintained.



Corner Shelving

Corner racks are used to maintain clear open access, the end post is set back from the corner leaving a larger more convenient shelf space. In this situation the rack is pushed up against the opposing rack. The overhang is self-supporting, loading capacity is maintained.

Alternatively, a Lean-on rack can be used with strong plastic shelf hangers fitted to the end of a shelf in replacement of the end support posts. Each shelf then hooks onto the opposing shelf. At the other end a normal support post is required. The length of this type of shelf can be up to 1200mm.

Where two shelving racks are set opposite one-another you can bridge between each shelf by means of hanging shelves. These have shelf hangers fitted to both ends and hook onto the standard shelving levels.
All these corner options maintain a strong and stable storage system, with endless flexibility. Special corner designs can also be made to suit customers individual requirements, ask for advice or send your drawings to us.


Mobile Shelving


Euro Shelving can be made mobile by the addition of castors to the base shelf. Stainless Steel castors are normally chosen as they are suitable for any harsh environment. However we can also fit a more budget range BZP (bright zinc plated) castors, suitable for dry environments. All racks will have 2 braked wheels on the front corners; we use 100mm nylon wheels as standard. Other wheel options are available on request. When castors are fitted the floor clearance is 170mm.

Top shelves can be fitted with ‘Top Sets’ if required, overall rack height is increased by 150mm


Platform and Dunnage Racks

The use of single shelf platform or Dunnage racks is the ideal solution to keep goods stored safely off the ground. Standard floor clearance is 120mm, however higher units are available by the addition of higher feet that simply slot onto the standard foot.

Standard sizes are:
Length/width: 1000mm,  1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm

Depths: 400mm, 500mm, 600mm

Heights: 170mm, 250mm




Plastic trolleys are specially made to suit a variety of standard industry sized containers, boxes and trays;
Euro 600 x 400mm   -   Bakery 30” x 18”   -   Gastronorm 1/1 & 1/2

Container trolleys are available in different capacities, from 4 tier up to 12 tier, depending on the depth of the container to be used. In addition to these standard sizes, we are able to adapt the trolleys to carry non-standard sizes too. Containers must either sit on the runners or hang on them, so need to have a constant smooth lip to work successfully.

Trolleys come in a fixed construction, ready to use immediately. They are extremely strong, durable and very easy to clean, therefore ideally suited to meet HACCP guidelines. The vertical space between runners is determined by the individual height of containers or trays to be used. Safe working overall heights need to be maintained, the deeper the tray, the fewer number of levels per single stack is possible. Trolleys are available in either single or double stack units; it is also possible to produce triple or quad trolleys.


Standard wheels used are strong plastic swivel castors with 125mm diameter wheels with non-marking rubber tread. The floor clearance using these wheels is 160mm and they have a load bearing capacity of 90kg per wheel. Alternatively, stainless steel castors (quality 304) can be fitted with 100mm nylon wheels, these have a load bearing capacity of 125kg per wheel.
All trolleys have a backstop tube to prevent containers being pushed out the back; they can be made without this if required for access from both sides.
Trolleys can come as low level double units with a worktop to use as a preparation table.



For further details of the REA Plastic Storage System you can call James and Fallon on 01299 251976.
Alternatively, you can visit Rea Plasrack website at www.reaplasrack.co.uk to see a full range of products available.