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Welcome to James & Fallon

We specialise in Materials Handling Equipment supplying to all types of companies throughout the UK. The majority of our products are made from high quality medium density polyethylene (MDPE), polypropylene (PP) and high density polyethylene (HDPE), suitable for storing and handling products where hygiene is essential, such as food related or health care products, these are all food contact approved. Industries such as; food manufacturing and catering, retail and wholesale, automotive, agriculture, beverage, grocery, food processing, waste management, chemical, general manufacturing, building, warehousing, leisure and education all have a requirement for our products. James and Fallon specialist plastic storage system including plastic euro shelving and racking, plastic container trolleys, platform and Dunnage racks, preparation tables, plastic lockers and  locker platforms, changing room benches and coat hanging locker benches are all extremely strong, durable, hygienic and easy to clean products.
James and Fallon supplies plastic trays, stacking containers, plastic boxes, special sized containers, stack-nest and attached lidded containers (ALC) and bale arm stack-nest distribution baskets. For easy movement of these boxes we can provide you with plastic or metal wheeled dollies. Weather you are a bakery or butcher shop our bakery trays, bread baskets or meat stacking boxes we be the ideal solution for product handling. Sundry equipment includes, plastic scoops and scrapers, measuring jugs, weighing scales and thermometers, hand brushes, brooms, paddles, plastic shovels, floor matting, sieves, buckets and kegs, chopping boards, knives, mops and squeegees, metal detectable or anti-microbial equipment. We also have a range of waste management systems including, wheelie bins, litter and recycling bins, grit bins and snow shovels. James and Fallon can also manufacture a range of stainless steel equipment such as bakery oven racks, trolleys and shelving, stainless steel buckets and bins.
Some of the other equipment you may be interested for ingredient storage and handling are easy to clean ingredient mobile bins, plastic tanks, small ingredient dispensing tubs, tapered moulded bins, inter-stacking round bins, tanks, troughs, bowls, bottle bins, airtight containers and buckets. Plastic wheeled dollies are the idea solution to ease movement of stacking boxes and trays, James and Fallon has a wide range available to suit any size container. The larger tanks can be held in a mobile chassis truck, ideal for holding liquids. Plastic Eurobins in a range of colours, a hygienic alternative to stainless steel ones, with plastic lids available to match. A selection of plastic pallets, plastic pallet boxes and collapsible box pallets are available in small or full load quantities.

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